Risk management

cAIRE Reporting

(i) Understanding cAIRE report cAiRE report v1.1 (ii) Risk and Control Scope template Risk and Control Scope v1.1 – Template Guidance (iii) cAIRE residual risk log Residual risk log v1.1 – Template Guidance (iv) Threat and Risk (Emergent & Horizon scanning) & Systemic Societal Threat and Risk Template – to be created Systemic Societal Risks …

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Functional Risk Management

(i) Responsibilities of Committees Responsibilities of committees in AI lifecycle v1.1 Explaining the role of committees across the lifecycle of the AAA systems (ii) Role of product, business and other stakeholders in risk management in AI lifecycle (iii) Functional Risk Management reports (iv) Residual Risk Management Residual Risk Management and Response action v1.1

FH Risk Foundations

1. FH foundational reading on risk management (Principles) ForHumanity’s mission is to mitigate downside risks posed by AI, algorithmic and autonomous systems. One of the clear ways to mitigate risk is to implement and operationalize a robust & agile Risk Management framework. ForHumanity’s approach to risk management is centered on Ethics, Bias Privacy, Trust and Cybersecurity. …

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