IAAIS - Independent Audit of AI Systems - Education and Certification framework
Phase 57%

The Independent Audit of AI Systems (IAAIS) aims to become the infrastructure of trust which society is increasingly demanding for our autonomous systems.  The framework brings unprecedented transparency, accountability and oversight to a largely unregulated field.  As a result of this current gap in governance, we have seen many examples of missteps from our autonomous systems and now companies are scrambling to find solutions to failures in ethics, bias, privacy, trust and cybersecurity. 

All projects below are branches of the main IAAIS project!

Audit scheme 100%
Official approval from UK ICO 95%
Certification process 93%

This scheme of UK-GDPR is for data processors, controllers and joint controllers (Auditees) of any size.

Audit scheme 93%
Official approval from UK ICO 85%
Certification 15%

This scheme aims to create compliance with the UK-CHILDREN’S CODE  for data processors, controllers and joint controllers (Auditees) of any size that use children’s data

Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)
Audi Scheme 60%

We are preparing to adapt our process of independent audit of ai systems into the ai ethics principles of the Department of Defence (DoD) of the United States of America.

EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA)
Proposition 99%

We are proposing Criteria for Conformity Assessment relating to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA)

Credit Worthiness
Audi Scheme 29%

Criteria definition in progress

Biometric and Facial Recognition
Audit Scheme 99%

Criteria definition in progress

BOK - Book of Knowledge
Phase 7%
The BOK aims to provide practical examples of  insufficient, sufficient and mature control of autonomous systems to help auditors with their work to test those systems against the For Humanity audit criteria. 
Project details
Body of Knowledge (BOK)
Each section highlights a specific area of compliance for an auditor.
in progress
Independent Audit of AI Systems
Building an Infrastructure of Trust for all autonomous systems that impact humans in the areas of Ethics, Bias, Privacy, Trust and Cybersecurity.
in progress
Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)
Bringing ai ethics to artificial intelligence and autonomous systems acquired by the US Department of Defense (DoD) via tradewind and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).
in progress
NYC Bias Audit
Our team of experts in the fields of HR, employment, assessment, and AI Ethics have come together to draft a bias audit, in order to aid the NYC Council’s call for bias audit cover automated employment decision tools.
in progress
Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) called for a GDPR certification scheme, ForHumanity answered the call.
in progress
Children' s Code
Certification scheme is designed for “Information Society Services (ISS) likely to be accessed by Children”
in progress