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Launching on January 3rd, 2022, ForHumanity, a non-profit public charity will offer courses on the following subjects:​
Launching on January 3rd, 2022, ForHumanity, a non-profit public charity will offer courses on the following subjects:​

> Foundations of Independent Audit of AI Systems (IAAIS)

> UK GDPR Supplemental

> Children’s Code Supplemental

> FHTE – Risk Management Framework


> FHCA – Digital Services Act

> FHCA – EU AI Act

> FHCA – Disability Inclusion and Accessibility

> Algorithm Ethics – Ethics Committee Expert Accreditation


This course teaches ForHumanity's Digital Services Act certification scheme. Instructors will walk students through the scope of the scheme, how the Target of Evaluation is identified, critical defined terms, and how associated schemes like the Children's Code (CC) and Disability Inclusion & Accessibility (DI&A) certification schemes are incorporated into ForHumanity's DSA certification scheme. The course will teach each individual audit criteria so that individuals at organisations will know how to achieve compliance, how pre-audit service providers and auditors will know how to build compliance capacity and subsequently assure compliance and satisfy the law's requirements for Independent Audits.


This course will train individuals to become ForHumanity Certified Auditors on the EU AI Act. This means that you will be trained on each and every audit criteria that ForHumanity has established in its work with CEN/CENELEC JTC 21 and will submit to the EU AIDB for approval. An FHCA on the EU AI Act from ForHumanity will be well equipped to establish a Target of Evaluation and conduct Independent Third Party Audits that will affirm and auditee’s conformity with ForHumanity’s audit criteria – the highest form of comprehensive compliance with the Act available. This course will enable auditors, pre-audit service providers (strategy, guidance, capacity building, change management), employees tasked with meeting the demands of EU AI compliance


This ForHumanity Certified Auditor course will train the student on the required audit criteria governing Equality laws, especially focused on inclusion and accessibility. Criteria is focused on usability, accessibility, notice, accommodations and genearal compliance with best practices, standards and legal requirements. Areas of concentration include bias mitigation, comparability of EU/UK/US equality requirements, stakeholder identification, Diverse inputs and Multi Stakeholder feedback, Algorithm Risk Assessments, Inclusivity Risk Assessments, WCAG conformance and adverse incident reporting.


Algorithm Ethics teaches students the necessary skills and knowledge to adjudicate instances of Ethical Choice associated with AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous Systems. A graduate will earn an Expert accreditation and will be well qualified to sit on standing and empowered Ethics Committees. They will be en expert in understanding, executing and satisfying Independent Audit of AI Systems compliance requirements.


Foundations of IAAIS is a required course for all ForHumanity Certified Auditors and certification programs (FHCAs). This course will guide the learner through foundational readings such as Taxonomy, Roles and Responsibilities in an Infrastructure of Trust, #infrastructureoftrust and Rise of the Ethics Committee. Additionally, all non-normative criteria elements of ForHumanity’s Certification Scheme and Audit Manuals will be taught. When completed, the learner will be steeped in the foundational knowledge of ForHumanity, its mission, Independent Audit of AI Systems and the ecosystem that exists to support Audit, Pre-Audit and Auditee compliance with ForHumanity Certification Schemes.