Gender Equality Plan

ForHumanity recognizes the importance of gender equality and commits to promoting a work environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable for all employees and students. To achieve this, we have developed a Gender Equality Plan that will guide our actions towards achieving gender equality within our organization.

Commitment of Resources and Gender Expertise:
ForHumanity acknowledges the importance of gender expertise in implementing the Gender Equality Plan. As such, we will ensure that gender experts are included in the implementation process. Additionally, we commit to allocating sufficient resources to implement this plan effectively.

Data Collection and Monitoring:
We recognize that sex/gender disaggregated data is essential in monitoring and evaluating our progress towards achieving gender equality. We commit to collecting and analyzing this data on personnel and students and using it to inform our annual reporting based on gender indicators.

We acknowledge that awareness-raising and training on gender equality and unconscious gender biases are essential to achieving gender equality. We commit to providing regular training on these topics for all staff and decision-makers within our organization.

Recommended Areas to be Covered and Addressed via Concrete Measures and Targets:
Work-Life Balance and Organizational Culture:
We commit to promoting a culture of work-life balance, including providing flexible work arrangements to our employees. We will ensure that our policies and practices support employees’ caregiving responsibilities and provide resources to help employees manage their workloads effectively.

Gender Balance in Leadership and Decision-making:
We recognize the importance of gender balance in leadership and decision-making. We commit to setting targets for gender balance in leadership positions and decision-making bodies and implementing measures to achieve these targets.

Gender Equality in Recruitment and Career Progression:
We acknowledge that gender equality in recruitment and career progression is essential to achieving gender equality. We commit to implementing measures to eliminate gender bias in recruitment processes and ensure gender equality in career progression.

Integration of the Gender Dimension into Research and/or Teaching Content:
We recognize the importance of integrating the gender dimension into research and teaching content. We commit to ensuring that gender is taken into account in research design and data analysis and that gender perspectives are included in teaching content.

Measures Against Gender-based Violence including Sexual Harassment:
We acknowledge that gender-based violence, including sexual harassment, is a significant barrier to gender equality. We commit to implementing measures to prevent and address gender-based violence, including providing training on prevention and response and establishing reporting mechanisms.

ForHumanity recognizes that achieving gender equality requires a long-term commitment and a systematic approach. We commit to implementing this Gender Equality Plan and monitoring our progress regularly. By doing so, we aim to create a work environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable for all employees and students.

Ryan Carrier
CEO ForHumanity