Authored work acceptable use standards

The Authored Work includes all IAAIS branding, the IAAIS Audit Process and all related details presented by the Licensor via the website, via the Google Sheet know as Independent Audit of AI Systems and duly marked as all rights reserved and Creative Commons license no commercial, no derivatives, attribution.  The process, the audit rules, the definitions, the protected categories, every audit line and the associated branding represent the intellectual property of ForHumanity Inc. ForHumanity Inc. has spent considerable time and effort to develop these assets. Further ForHumanity has relied heavily on a global team of volunteers who have donated their time, effort and share of intellectual property rights to ForHumanity in order that the IP be well protected.  All presentations of the Authored Work should adhere to the guidelines set forth below. 

1)  The IAAIS logo should never be larger than the Licensee’s corporate logo.

2)  To ensure accurate and consistent use, never alter, rotate, or embellish IAAIS brand assets. Downloads are available on the website and are the only approved assets to represent the IAAIS brand.

3)  Leave enough space around IAAIS branding for it to be clear and uncluttered. Additionally, use the logo at a legible size proportional to the overall presentation surface area.

4)  The logo should clearly reference how IAAIS is being employed by the Licensee. For example:

a.       Is the Licensee IAAIS compliant? Meaning that it has satisfied an annual audit.

b.       Is the Licensee a provider of IAAIS audit services?

c.       Is the Licensee a provider of IAAIS remediation services?  Is it in the business of helping other companies pass/comply with IAAIS audit requirements?

d.       Is the Licensee a member of ForHumanity and promoting the principles associated with IAAIS?

e.       Is the Licensee’s product IAAIS compliant (see product packages standards)?

5)  Members of ForHumanity may use the term “Member” or “Member of ForHumanity” to refer to their membership in ForHumanity Inc.  There may be no express or implied endorsement of products or services associated with this usage.

6)  Members who participate on the Board of Directors may use the term “Board Member” or “Member, Board of Directors” or “Board Member of ForHumanity” to refer to their participation.  This should not be used to endorse or promote any products or services.  A Board Member may note that they are responsible for the governance of ForHumanity Inc. and that the Board is the voting body which determines the IAAIS audit standards on a quarterly basis.

7)  IAAIS Product Packaging Standards

a.       IAAIS logo must be smaller than product brand logo or title.

b.       IAAIS logo must be on the front of the package.

c.       IAAIS logo must be readable without assistance.

8)  The IAAIS logo should not be used to endorse any product or services.  The IAAIS mark is a mark of distinction to demonstrate that the product, service, or firm has taken the necessary steps to be compliant with the IAAIS audit process only. 

9)   The IAAIS brand assets should not be shown in a derogatory or false manner.

10)   The IAAIS disclaimer should be used at all times when the logo is presented on a given interface or product.  The disclaimer shall read as follows:

IAAIS” and “ForHumanity” are registered copyrights of ForHumanity Inc and may only be used LICENSEE in accordance with this license agreement.  All other uses are prohibited.  The IAAIS and ForHumanity copyrights are not an endorsement of any product or service.  The IAAIS trademarks and copyrights demonstrate that the company or product has undergone an IAAIS audit and been deemed compliant by a third party auditor. For more details on the IAAIS audit please visit

11)    Publications, Seminars, and Conferences: Licensee may use Authored Work in connection with book titles, magazines, periodicals, seminars, or conferences provided that Licensee comply with the following requirements:

a.       Use is referential and less prominent than the rest of the title. E.g., Acceptable use: “XYZ CONFERENCE for IAAIS Audit Compliance”.

b.       Use reflects favorably on the IAAIS Authored Work and ForHumanity.

c.        Licensee name and logo appear more prominent than the IAAIS Authored Work on all printed materials related to publications, seminars, or conferences.

d.       A disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by ForHumanity or the IAAIS Audit process, similar to the following, is included on the publication and on all related printed materials: “(Title) is an independent (publication) and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by ForHumanity Inc.”

e.   The disclaimer language from Paragraph 11, above, is used in the publication.

12)   Web Sites: Web sites that serve only as noncommercial, informational forums concerning the IAAIS audit process may use the appropriate IAAIS Authored Work, provided that such use complies with the guidelines set forth in this document.