Steve English

is a CISO and Data Protection Officer, with over a decade of experience working at a leading global provider of Video Telematics, Cloud-based Platforms, and AI & Algorithmic Technology solutions. With a background in design, project, and product management he is a highly experienced, versatile professional and passionate about all aspects of risk management, governance, and regulatory compliance particularly around Artificial Intelligence, Information & Cyber Security and Data Protection. As a GDPR Practitioner with a strong passion for protecting individuals’ fundamental rights and freedoms, he helps deliver business needs in the most secure and privacy focussed way possible whilst ensuring the privacy and protection of individuals data and business compliance with all regulatory requirements. Steve is a strong supporter and a key member of the ForHumanity community in its mission to raise the voice for humanity and ensure risk mitigation in AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous (AAA) systems in the areas of Ethics, Bias, Privacy, Trust, and Cybersecurity. Steve earned his distinction through co-drafting numerous certification schemes and co-authoring the Body of Knowledge on Fundamental Rights Impact Assessments (FRIA). “I am proud and delighted to become a ForHumanity Fellow. It is a privilege to participate in the ForHumanity mission and share my knowledge and expertise, and when I am not contributing, I am learning from the vast expertise and knowledge of the other ForHumanity members. I would strongly encourage others to join this community, share your knowledge and learn from other experts from all over the world, to help ensure a safe, fair environment for all people as this technology adapts and evolves.”