Michael Simon

ForHumanity Fellow - Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law Firm
is Counsel with XPAN Law Partners, a boutique Domestic and International Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law Firm. Michael is also the Principal of Seventh Samurai, LLC, a legal technology consulting firm, and serves as an expert on eDiscovery issues for law firms, corporations, government agencies and attorneys general. He has particular experience in the difficult area of the discovery of structured data (i.e., corporate databases and systems). Michael has taught classes on eDiscovery law and practice as an adjunct professor at Michigan State University College of Law and Boston University School of Law. He has made over 100 presentations as speaker, panelist and moderator and written dozens of articles on eDiscovery, Privacy, AI ethics and governance, and legal technology in general. His most recent law journal article was the ground-breaking look at the future of lawyers in the face of the explosion in AI, as the lead author of Lola v. Skadden and the Automation of the Legal Profession, 20 Yale J.L. & Tech. 234 (2018).