Elle Brooker

ForHumanity Fellow – BA BPPM MPPM FGIA MICDA
Founder and principal of Artistic Licence and Innovation. (12 years) A sole trader specialising in uncommon public and non-government sector projects.
is an e-governance, eGovernment and digital law reform pioneer in Australia and New Zealand, specialising in the social license, digital policy and the human-side of applied data, risk, reporting and regulation. She’s a governance and policy expert, interested in convergence and optimisation, whose led service re- design programs and projects in complex environments in health, universities, departments and Ministries. Elle is deeply interested in how humans and their institutions go about their day, efficiently, lawfully, ethically and with a sense of purpose. As a managing director and consultant, she helps leaders and institutions to leverage data and technology; consider risk appropriately, and move to new ways of working that embed compliance and performance into ‘how we do things here.’ Some of the more unusual projects she’s worked on include: eliminating hand writing from exams handling, at the University of Melbourne; writing the initial cut of a brief on ‘how to set up your new commission’ for the inaugural Commissioner for IBAC (the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission); promoting a ukulele festival, without even once playing the instrument; helping the arts-based Choir of Hard Knocks become Australia’s first ever public health funded social prescriber (2022); overseeing a fully operational broadcast radio station, whilst still studying her undergraduate degrees (in the 1990s), writing and researching a State election policy on Innovation and Technology, and overseeing the passage of the Privacy, Health Records and Electronic Transactions Acts into law in Victoria (2002) and changing 36 pieces of law to enable eHealth in New Zealand, a country that has enjoyed over a decade of paperless ePrescribing of medications and controlled substances in ways that Australia is unlikely to ever do at the rate that it’s going. Crisis, risk, data governance, and technology roll-out; evidence-based policy, regulatory change, and how to recognise and overcome bias in software and program development, are subjects that Elle thrives on. Elle counts meeting all five founding members of the band Duran Duran in person, and being front row twice in Melbourne and in Sydney in 2003, and travelling to 28 countries on a grown up gap year pre-Covid as her favourite memories. If you’re a fan of the TV sit com ‘Parks and Recreation’ Elle is Leslie Knope, (if Leslie ever worked in the Silicon Valley, instead of Parks).