Duty Designation Letter Template

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LAST UPDATED – 06th January 2022

[Company Letterhead]


From [the Chief Executive Officer or similar]


Re: Duty Designation Letter – [FH Committee designation]


To: Audit Review Committee – [Name of Certification Body]


This letter and attached Appendix A are submitted by [the Chief Executive Officer or similar] and Board of Directors on [Date] to assign the designated and detailed duties related to  [FH Committee designation] in the the ForHumanity [insert certification scheme or all FH certification schemes] to [insert employee name] acting in the role of [insert title] as of [Date] (“Effective Date”).


This letter identifies all roles, responsibilities and accountable criteria associated with the aforementioned designated Committee and assigned them to a specific individual.  This will allow the organisation to meet the compliance requirements of the ForHumanity audit without  establishing the named Committee.  The organisation acknowledges that the committee structure is a more robust form of governance and compliance and therefore, this assignment comes with the acceptance of residual risk and is captured in the disclosure clause found below.  This clause will be added to all required disclosure documents for the assigned duties.


Per the authority of [the Chief Executive Officer or similar], [company name] has elected to assign the responsibilities of [FH Committee designation] to [insert title].  [company name] accepts that these responsibilities require expertise and diligence to protect humans from potential harms associated with failed compliance on the responsibilities assigned to  [FH Committee designation].  This decision has been endorsed by the [company name] Board of Directors on [[date]] and agreed to by the [insert title] to commence upon the [date].  All parties assert they have verified that [insert title] is a qualified expert with the skill and knowledge to be responsible for these areas of compliance.


The company acknowledges that this Duty Designation Letter exists as an accommodation and results in a greater concentration of risk and a high burden placed upon an individual to achieve compliance with the ForHumanity certification scheme.  This burden requires regular review to ensure that the individual is sufficiently supported and allowances are made for compliance and audit satisfaction in conjunction with any other responsibilities.  The Chief Executive Officer,  the Board of Directors and the assigned individual are accountable for failures of compliance, including remaining current with industry-standard and state-of-the-art procedures and processes.  Transition periods are a substantial concern and plans, policies and procedures should be established to manage the associated risk.


Chief Executive Officer      __________________________________________

Authorized Signer on behalf of the Board of Directors. __________________________________________


Duty Designated Employee__________________________________________


Appendix A – list of certification scheme criteria to be assigned

[FH Committee designation]

[insert certification scheme or all FH certification schemes]