ForHumanity Fellow – Ethics

Born and raised as a third culture kid in Southeast Asia, Joshua Bucheli is an applied ethicist certified in algorithm ethics, a ForHumanity Fellow, currently serves on ForHumanity’s Ethics Committee. After a childhood in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia, he pursued his undergraduate studies in politics and philosophy at Durham University before completing his postgraduate degree in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy in Switzerland. Aside from his daily work as talent community manager at the Swiss cyber-career-startup, ‘cyberunity’, his professional experience has ranged from humanitarian fieldwork for the UNHCR in Malaysia, to researching and editing for academic journal articles and Swiss think tanks on the subject of ethical AI and robotics, to event management and helping philosophers transition into non-academic careers as Head of Community Management at ‘Let’s Phi’. Since joining ForHumunity in November 2020, Josh has relished the opportunity to put his philosophical background to practical use, working primarily on ForHumanity’s Code of Ethics Knowledge Store and drafting the Code of Ethics for FHCAs. He draws on his multicultural upbringing, his training in applied socratic- and moral-philosophy, and his steadfast belief in the principles of individualism, rationalism, objectivism, open and constructive discussion, and charitable interpretation to inform his work.