Jeffrey Kluge

ForHumanity Fellow – Children's Code and Ethics
Jeffrey Kluge is enabling child technology ethics for business. He built a well-respected and successful investment management & advisory business for 25 years serving founders and the venture capital community as a mentor, strategist, and educator. It is through that experience, and bringing entrepreneurial, business, and ethical perspectives, that he advises today’s innovators and technologists in their enablement of Age-Appropriate Design Codes. Designed with KidsTechEthics™, is Jeff’s aim to build the global leading toolkit and consulting firm by helping business operationalize global kid’s codes and serving the best interests of children. Jeff was in the first cohort to become a ForHumanity Certified Auditor Children’s Code and has earned his distinction through drafting certification schemes for GDPR Children’s Code, UK GDPR and co-authoring the Body of Knowledge on Age-Assurance.