ForHumanity Fellow – Financial Services & Tech
Chris has worked for and advised businesses, startups and global complex organisations across multiple geographies and diverse cultural settings. He has led transformation and change initiatives leveraging technology to deliver operational efficiencies from process automation and harness insights from corporate data while embedding best practices around governance, risk management, compliance, and assurance. His career spanning over 3 decades in the financial services, energy, government, enterprise software, market data and consulting industries globally has provided him with a diversity of thought and lived experiences, a deep set of skills, competencies, experiences, and maturity to think differently. He understands the intricacies and interconnectivity of business functions as well as the dynamics and cultures within global organisations that support or hinder performance, change, transformation, business results and ultimately the manner in which customers and consumers of digital services could be impacted. Chris is also a Fellow, Certified Auditor on GDPR and a Certified Algorithmic Ethics – Ethics Committee Expert at ForHumanity.