ForHumanity Certifications

Demonstrating knowledge and expertise in AI, algorithmic and autonomous system audit, compliance and risk management

ForHumanity offers a range of certifications – from the gold standard ForHumanity Certified Auditor (FHCA) to individual, introductory level certifications designed for Executives looking to gain general knowledge (e.g AI Risk Management) and professionals building foundations of expertise (e.g. Foundations in IAAIS)

Establishing Audit Criteria

Global, diverse teams building audit criteria for AL, alogirthmic and autonomous systems

Accreditation from governments, regulators and markets

AI by AI - all around the world in numerous jurisdictions and sectors

Training Certified Auditors and Licensing Practitioners

Enabling risk mangement and compliance solutions


ForHumanity Certified Auditors

Enabling an infrastructure of trust for AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous system for Governance, Accountability and Oversight for the benefit of humanity.

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