ForHumanity Fellow – Ethics + Systems Thinking Innovation

is a PhD scholar in the Global Leadership and Change program at Pepperdine University (California, USA). Her research explores topics related to Cognitive Security and Human Factors Engineering, with emphasis on reducing instances of overconfidence, bias, inequitable risk socialization, and related blindspots in governance, oversight, and accountability of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), algorithmic, and autonomous systems (AAA Systems).
A ForHumanity Fellow, Ethics Committee Member, and Independent Auditor of AI Systems, Jodi holds Board Certified Specializations for UK GDPR, Age-Appropriate Design Code (e.g., Children’s Code), NYC AEDT Bias Audit, and a Board Expert Accreditation for Algorithm Ethics / Ethics Committee. A “whole of systems” thinker, her aim is applied contributions at the intersection of cybersecurity, intelligence, and society that help to maintain democratic leadership and competitiveness, the protection of civil and human rights, to ensure technology is working for society, and to foster global alliances prioritizing democratic values and a collective defense. Jodi was named, “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2023.”