ForHumanity Fellow – Financial Services & Tech

Delivering business benefits and releasing value from technology innovation has been at the heart of Chris’ career. His leadership roles have spanned change and transformation, strategy and execution, and business leadership. He fully appreciates the intricate symbiosis between people, technology, data and ecosystems. Chris spent half of his career at financial services firms such as Citigroup, AXA, ABN AMRO, M&G and UBS, and the other half at software and enterprise data firms such as Misys (now Finastra), Thomson Reuters and Metricstream. Chris is passionate about how powerful transformative digital technologies such as AI/ML are leveraged by firms to unlock insights from data to deliver perceived value. He has written many articles on LinkedIn, exploring the upsides and downsides, but offering views on how responsible use of such technologies can benefit businesses, their customers, consumers and society. Equally, he sees the digital supply chain being ripe for disruption, driven by the need to trust. This is where the Governance, Risk and Compliance ecosystem can play its part in helping build the infrastructure of trust required to promote and enable responsible adoption of powerful transformation digital technologies such as AI/ML to deliver innovation within the digital world.